Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Listen To Now '13

*** Happy New Year! ***

May I present to you my "personal favorite songs of 2013".

I have been putting together such year-end mixtapes (titled "How To Listen To Now") since 2005 and I've found that listening back to each one is sort of like hearing an "audio time capsule".

My God, there was so much great music that came out in 2013 that it made the making of this playlist quite a gargantuan task! SO much goodness to choose from!

This time around I found myself concentrating more on individual songs themselves, whether or not I enjoyed the full album or not (which made the selection process a rather 'different' sort of experience this time around) ... Listening back, it's a fairly dark and psychedelic whirlwind of a mixtape!

as always,


You can download the mix RIGHT HERE


You can view some videos for the mix down below ...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Anonymous" opening at Little Savannah

5-7pm The opening for my new show, "Anonymous" at Little Savannah !!! 
Come out for art, hors d'oeuvres and discounted cocktails!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Silent Majority Lowe Mill CLOSING reception!

HEY!!! This Friday, August 31st (6-8pm) come see me on the 1st floor of Lowe Mill in Huntsville, AL for the closing reception of my "Silent Majority" painting exhibit! I'll have new bumper stickers and my new LOVE Tshirts available as well! Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silent Majority at Lowe Mill in Huntsville!

If you are a citizen of Huntsville, AL, my "Silent Majority" is in your city at Lowe Mill on the 1st floor! It'll remain up through the entire month of September, so drop by and have a look!

Monday, July 16, 2012


 Wanna see more of my art???

You can view more of my paintings in my Tumblr archives, which is

Silent Majority opening in Mobile

The opening for my "Silent Majority" painting exhibit at Wellborn Ideas in Mobile AL was a total and complete success!!! It took place during their monthly Art Walk, so there was a TON of folks there! I also had the pleasure of seeing many old friends and my family (I'm from Mobile), along with meeting a lot of great folks for the 1st time!

View the photographic evidence below: 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Silent Majority" opening at Wellborn Ideas in Mobile, AL July13th!

Paul's painting exhibit "Silent Majority" opens at Wellborn Ideas (on Dauphin Street near the Cathedral) Friday, July 13th!!! It'll be during the city's monthly Art Walk, so there'll be plenty of other artists and their work nearby to take in as well! So come out! It all starts at 6pm!!!

HERE is the facebook invite and below is a description of the show :

Paul Cordes Wilm's art has been dubbed "Folk-Pop", but “You won’t see much folk in it,” says Wilm. “These pieces are more pop. There’s a little edge of sarcastic humor to them. This collection has political stuff and focuses on issues that I’ve never explored before.”

According to Wilm, the pieces focus on the immediate environment of Alabama. “People have things to say, but they’re so distracted they feel they can’t say anything. They feel interrupted.”

The interruptions Wilm refers to are junk mail and forced consumerism, and these are on display with advertisements torn and collaged into many of the pieces. “In this day and age with things like Google and Wikipedia, people are used to having everything completely explained to them. It’s taking away our ability to explore things without ready-made answers and definitions.”

Many of the works contain censor bars over the eyes of the subject while others have empty quote bubbles above their heads. One piece could easily belong in a ’50s cartoon with people dressed in luxury clothing protesting with a large, blank sign. Wilm’s pieces are painted with leftover house paint on reclaimed or found wood.

“I want my work to be affordable for people,” says Wilm, whose pieces in this collection range from $75 – $500.